Daniele Carol Photography | Big blue eyes like our big blue lake

Big blue eyes like our big blue lake

April 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


This little guy. I could just eat him up. He wasn't shy for even a 1/2 second. From the time they got here he gave me nothing but smiles and eyebrow raises. We started with some family photos where he clearly cannot get close enough to his mama and needs to chew on her chin for a hot sec. And he would just laugh and laugh as we did. As we moved to his photos by him self he just couldn't stop with all the faces and smiles. We unleashed his chubby thighs he was so proud to show off his BFF's, his toes.  Hansen_02222018_007Hansen_02222018_007 Hansen_02222018_010Hansen_02222018_010 Hansen_02222018_012Hansen_02222018_012 Hansen_02222018_021Hansen_02222018_021 Hansen_02222018_025Hansen_02222018_025 Hansen_02222018_028Hansen_02222018_028 Hansen_02222018_036Hansen_02222018_036 Hansen_02222018_043Hansen_02222018_043 Hansen_02222018_050Hansen_02222018_050 Hansen_02222018_059Hansen_02222018_059 Hansen_02222018_068Hansen_02222018_068