Daniele Carol Photography | Sorry, not Sorry. What you won't see from us.

Sorry, not Sorry. What you won't see from us.

February 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


We are a company of longevity. We've been here for 15 years, and many of our clients from then are still our clients now. 

We do not Instagram process our images. One thing you will not see from us is a filter appearance across the whole gallery. There's a few trends that have been going on for a while and we're just not buying it. The lack of yellows in the trees making everything sort of emerald, the foggy softening of blacks giving images a flat mat look, and then the super over exposed bright, bright photos. Now, the newest one, the dark, underexposed, muddy portraits that make skin tones absolutely atrocious. 

Yuk people.

Make it stop. 

I feel for the bride who likes these images. They are appealing, but not for longevity. Have you seen prints form these images? Manipulating the true color distorts your perspective, memory, and the style won't last over time. Looking back at your images you'll be able to tell that they were taken during 2016-2018, when this editing style was very popular. Trends come and go.

You will be able know what you can tell from our portraits. You can feel the reality. You can see real skin tones that were true to the day, not dark and harsh red tones. You can see the true colors of trees and light. You can't tell by looking at our images what year it was.

They are TIMELESS.

Sorry, not sorry.

We won't follow the trend. We will stick with TRUE beauty.

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