Daniele Carol Photography | Upper Peninsula Rustic Elegance at it's Best

Upper Peninsula Rustic Elegance at it's Best

February 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I think we can all agree that the barn weddings are pretty amazing. I love the mix of rustic and modern. This was our first wedding at Red Barn Weddings, and we hope to go back soon. We swoon over the magical light the barn offers. Udy and Eric pulled off the most beautiful wedding with this popular trend. They did however have amazing help from our good friends at Knots and Kisses Events and Final Touches  . Final Touches took a poll barn in Chatham, MI and made it look like a big city event.  Our couple, coming from Colorado, has some deep Upper Peninsula roots, so there needed to be space for the whole town. And how do you feed a crowd like that, with an exceptional caterer. Sweet Basil is one of our favorite on site catering companies. Dinner was exceptional! Of course no U.P wedding would be complete without some local brew, from Blackrocks


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