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The Beauty Behind Birth Photography

April 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Birth photography is a hot topic for sure. There is so much discussion about it being gross vs beautiful. I find it to be absolutely beautiful. I even had a good friend of mine photograph my son's birth and they are photos I cannot look at with out becoming emotional. Just like a wedding day comes and goes and it's hard to remember what just happened; same is true for a birth. It hurst so bad, it takes so long and then bam the little one is in your arms and you don't care what just happened because the love you have for that child is worth all the pain in the world to hold them tight and realize "hey, I MADE YOU". (right moms?) I'll admit I have only photographed 3 births so far in my career, its hard for me at this time to be "on call" with my tots and working husband. But It's something I would always take into consideration depending on the time of year the baby is due. Here is Michelle, and Beau. I prepared as usual to be there about 5CM, but when I arrived everything seemed to stop. It was a long birth but in the end Michelle said "I would definitly to do it again, maybe a little differently next time, but again for sure."


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