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Daniele Carol Studio Giveaway

March 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Hello! Welcome to the Daniele Carol Studio Fine Art Portrait Giveaway. You will find all the necessary information on how to submit your nominations below.  I’ve been inspired by my mentor Sue Bryce to find your beauty and mix it with beautiful light to make women feel as beautiful outside as they are inside. It’s not just about the photos but also the experience of being photographed.

Thank you and Good Luck.


What is expected of you if you win?

Winners will have a few mandatory expectations so please make sure you are willing and able to comply with all of these items list below. If you are chosen and then cannot do ANY of these we will have to choose then next woman in line. So please read this carefully and make sure you are on board for it all.

**Vary Important: Once you share your story with us you are giving us permission to use your story if you are selected.  The story you provide will be used when we being the session. The session will be videotaped and published for others to see. This giveaway is for advertisement purposes to launch the beginning of Daniele Carol’s Fine art Women’s Portraits.  If you do not wish to have your story shared or to be videotaped and photographed for public sharing then please do not submit a nomination. **Prints and digital files are NOT included. A full price list will be provided before the consultation so there are no surprises should you wish to purchase anything after the session. **

You will need to be available for 3 visits to the studio: A pre session consultation to be scheduled at a convenient time. The photo-shoot, which will be scheduled on a date all of the ladies can be available. (We will pick a weekend date to make sure everyone can be available.) And then a Reveal to come in to the studio and recap about the your experience and view your images.

Who is eligible? Women 18 and older are eligible. We are hopping to find women from many different backgrounds. You must also “like” our Facebook page Daniele Carol Photography. We will be choosing 4 women.

How do I submit a nomination?
You can share your nomination with us the following ways:
Facebook messenger via Daniele Carol Photography
Email Daniele@danielecarol.com

What do I need to submit to for the nomination?
Please include the Following:
Full Name, Age, email, phone number

Nominating yourself:
Please share a short story of who you are and why you would like this day of beauty and celebration for you. You can send us a couple of paragraphs, or a short video. We would also like you to include a selfie of some sort, or a recent photo you might have of yourself or your nomination.

Nominating a friend or family member:
First ask their permission and have them read what is expected of them.

What is included?
Included if you are selected will be full hair and makeup styling session, a full fine art portrait photo shoot, some pampering and a surprise at your reveal.

Style consultation:
We would like you to come to the studio and bring your outfit choices from home and to chat about what you might wear. We will have a few outfits and dresses on hand as well.

Hair and Make-Up:
Our professional hair and makeup artist will be here to style and prep you. We suggest getting a manicure or your hair colors if you do before the event to make sure you are feeling your best.

Food and beverages will be provided while you are at the studio for your comfort. We will gather a list of things you like and try to accommodate everyone.

A Reveal:
Once the photos are edited you will come back to the studio and we will have your images ready to view.

What will the photo session be like?
We will have all the ladies’ show up staggered throughout the day. When you arrive we will great you with your beverage of choice and a smile! It starts here. You will hang up your outfits and wait to have hair and makeup done or jump right in to the hair and makeup chair if it’s already open. After hair and make-up you will be styled up.  In between outfits we will change the backdrops and adjust your styling as needed. Each woman will have 4 outfits and a variety of poses.

What are the restrictions?
No cell phone photos or digital cameras are allowed in the studio at this time. We want to keep this entire process a surprise for the public. We have some ideas for before and after the session that we will share with you.

Where is the studio located?
The photography studio is located in Negaunee, Michigan at 334 Iron Street, Suite B. We are in the Lowenstein’s building above the Lowenstein’s antique store and Michelson Music. From US41 North Turn Left onto Teal Lake Ave. Turn Right at the blinking light on to Main Street, Turn Left at your first left onto Pioneer and then keep right to turn right onto Iron Street. We are down on the right hand side. I have a big sign and a Mail box with 334 on it.  There is a set of stairs to climb. Come all the way to the top and down to the end of the hall.

Can I bring a friend?
Not at this time. We will have a reveal for you. Your friend or significant other can join you then.

Can I bring my children?
Not at this time. We would like to create a relaxing atmosphere as well as have your undivided attention at your consultation, portrait session, and reveal. Please find a sitter for the times you would need to be at the studio.