I swoon, Newborn baby love

February 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Nothing is more adorable then a newborn baby in my eyes. I love every minute of photographing them. It does not matter if they are cranky or sleep like logs, it's fun, challenging and automatically the best day ever. Miss Sweet Pea Bree is the 2nd baby for this awesome couple. I have watched her older sister grow up right before my eyes. And I say it all the time but when I've been with clients all along and their kids have milestones I feel it as if it were my own. I'm a huge empath. I feel love, pain, excitement, worry, and all the feels along with everyone I meet. So yes, I cried when the parents shared the news they were pregnant, and I smiled from ear to ear for big sister when she proudly said, "that's my baby", when she arrived to the studio. Crap, I can't even type this without feeling the love. Okay, enough from me, below are what you want to see.  hongisto_11172017_032hongisto_11172017_032 hongisto_11172017_031hongisto_11172017_031 hongisto_11172017_017hongisto_11172017_017 hongisto_11172017_021hongisto_11172017_021 hongisto_11172017_023hongisto_11172017_023 hongisto_11172017_013hongisto_11172017_013 hongisto_11172017_007hongisto_11172017_007