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August 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

You've probably visited this page and thought, what is going on over there. We'll we came back from vacation ready to take on the summer. And boy oh boy summer did not disappoint. We kicked of the spring with a sale/fundraiser for St.Vinnies in Negaunee. You know, we raised $550 to donate from Daniele Carol Photography alone and over $1200 from the Spring Fling Event. (high five)!! With that came 11 sessions to shoot, from a princess turing 6 months to a family of 20! And then on top of that IT'S FULL ON WEDDING SEASON, we've already had 9 weddings..holy wah! We've had a great 8 weeks and I'd love to play catch up and share everyones session individually. Here's the first from this spring. Mr. Henry turned two. Isn't he just adorable. Hair so blond it's almost white and a smile so big for his mama. Oh does he love his mama.. and you can really see it in his bright blue eyes. His grandparents are the owners of the Northwoods Resort in AuTrain, MI. so we used their backyard for our session. 

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