I'm Daniele,

I am an Upper peninsula wedding photographer and Newborn Photographer in marquette, Michigan. As a wedding and portrait photographer in Michigan I strive every day to keep my business moving forward and provide excellent service and quality to my clients. I love my job, and its not only what I do but a part of who I am.  Also on the top of my list of loves is my adorable family, my loving husband Luke and my three kids. 


My children are the lights of my life. They inspired the growth and expansion into newborn portraits. Their smiles and energy for this amazing life brings me great joy. You'll often here me talk about them and our experiences together as a family. 


Choosing a photographer is vary personal. You have to relate to the photographer on a personal level and trust them to capture you at your finest. We invite you to be a part of our photographic family. From engagement session to 3rd and 4th babies our clients stick with us, I'm forever grateful for all the sessions I've ever photographed. This is not a hobby this is a business that helps support my family, pay our bills, and save for the future. Thank you, for choosing us. 


Other things that are dear to my heart..


My parents and family 

Essential Oils

Doing anything outside

Organic food


Craft Beer and a good Martini 

A sweaty workout


Being an entrepreneur

Geeking out over photographer related things

Teaching others this amazing craft


I always say....

The Gift of Photography is a Beautiful thing.